How to Have a Great Field Trip

Do you remember when you were a kid, excitedly stepping onto a great big bus early in the morning, headed off to a field trip? Field trips mean new and exciting experiences for students, so they can leave long lasting impressions. It is the perfect time to make the subjects they are learning about come alive, and to show them just how fun learning about the world around them can really be. Here are a few tips on how to make your next field trip great.

Be Prepared

Well before the exciting day arrives, do your research and write up a list of everything your students will need to do and know in order to arrive prepared. This list may include suggestions for proper attire, including weather appropriate clothing and footwear that will fit the planned activities, suggestions for lunches to pack, and what is OK to bring and what must be left at home. For example, some trips might be a good time for cameras, but for others, like museums that do not allow photography, cameras should be left at home. Depending on your destination, you may want to give a special talk about the right kind of behavior for the trip as well. Making it very clear what is expected of your students before you are out and about will help to ensure that the day goes smoothly.

Make It Memorable

The best way to ensure that your field trip will really stick with your students is to have them truly engaged in the place that you are visiting. There are some destinations that will create this engagement naturally. For others, however, like a walk through a forest or other natural setting or a trip to an art museum, you may need to help them keep their focus. You know your students best, so plan for what you know will hold their interest. If they are mature and already interested in their destination, a simple worksheet might be enough. For a rowdier or more easily distracted crowd, consider something a bit more exciting, like a scavenger hunt.


One last critical step that you need to remember is to secure a good source of transportation. When you are choosing a bus service, be sure to take the time to seek out a reliable company that you can trust to get you and your students where you need to be, comfortably. It can be difficult to feel quite as excited about a trip after you have just made a long, uncomfortable journey. By choosing a bus service that offers climate controlled buses, you can deliver your students to their educational destination feeling fresh and ready to learn.