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Affordable Luxury: Abu Dhabi’s Top 10 Best Hotels

When you are at the richest city of the world, Abu Dhabi, you should experience its nightlife, restaurants, bars and especially hotels. With some of the most lavish and luxurious hotels and resorts for tourists, Abu Dhabi is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Though the exciting locations lure every tourist to come back every year to this city for a perfect vacation, accommodation might be a great concern. The city’s exquisite hotels can be quite an expensive affair. But with the recent economic meltdown that has caused a decrease in tourist inflow, forced hotels to offer fierce discounts, sometimes even up to 65%. So, if you are planning a stay in Abu Dhabi, know the best hotels in your budget before you decide to pack your bags.

Here are the ten best hotels in Abu Dhabi that you can afford and enjoy.

1. Emirates Palace at West Corniche

This hotel proudly announces itself as a palace and not a hotel, and rightly so. This luxurious and self-proclaimed seven star hotel is one of the best luxury accommodations that Abu Dhabi has to offer. Intact with butler services, a 1.3 km private beach with imported white sand embankments, a water park and an innovative “pillow menu”, this is the cream of hotels.

2. Le Royale Meridien at East Corniche

This hotel is highly popular with travelling businesspersons as it offers high quality services, fine clubs and restaurants, plush rooms with comfortable furnishings and stunning views of the Gulf. It is classy and extremely professional.

3. This hot Shangri-la at Al Maqta

This palatial Venetian themed resort has a lot to offers its visitors. With its beautiful neo-Moorish architecture, an inbuilt Venetian waterworks system that resembles the rivers in Venice, with actual gondolas in it, this hotel is a treat for sour eyes. It includes attractive facilities such as a private beach I km long, 2 health clubs, several swimming pools, an in built shopping mall and some of the finest dining options in the whole of Abu Dhabi.

4. Hilton International at West Corniche

The Hilton is perfect for business or family trips due to its strategic location. It offers high end end amenities such as a private beach that offers a variety of water sports, fine restaurants and bars as well as luxury spa services.

5. Al Maha Arjaan, Rotana at East Corniche

This resort gives one of a kind studio apartments and premium suites at very convenient prices. Perfect for a short, private and comfortable stay, they offer central air conditioning, polished services and spectacular city views.

6. Beach Rotana Hotel and Towers at the Tourists Club Area

This is a perfect family vacation retreat with children’s playing areas, private swimming pools for adults and kids, squash and tennis courts, PADI drive, private beach, an amazing spa among other facilities. The prices are reasonable, and the rooms are extremely comfortable and homely.

7. Centro Yas Island at Yas Island

This new budget hotel gives you class and luxury at a very reasonable price. One of many such budget hotels, it is stylish and offers quality services and is also close to attractive tourist locations such as the Racing tracks and Links Golf club.

8. Le Meridian at Tourist Club Area

The best thing this recently remodeled resort offers is the plush and serene Meridien Village, complete with its assorted range of alfresco pubs and restaurants, clubs and cafes. With attentive services and modern comfortable rooms, the resort offers amenities such as a spa, swimming pool, a Haman and a popular nightclub.

9. The Grand Continental Flamingo Hotel at East Corniche

The hotel, with reputable services, modern technologies, a decent nightclub and gym, spa and swimming pool facilities, is a perfect value for money resort. Its proximity to the commercial and finance districts makes it an attractive location for those travelling on business.

10. The Al Diar Regency at East Corniche

The last on the list, this affordable and professional hotel is almost exclusively for those travelling due to business. With pretty kitchenettes and balconies that give a great view of the city or the sea, the hotel comes with an enhanced business centre to help tourists with their work. The facilities, along with good bars and restaurants, make this a dollar conscious traveler’s perfect getaway.

Now you know what resorts and hotels to look into, while planning your stay in Abu Dhabi. Visiting during off seasons is a wise choice, as you will be able to enjoy the best discounts during this time. So what are you waiting for, hurry and get your reservations done!

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Boracay Hotel

Planning a vacation is always a great activity, because even though it can become a bit stressful (making flight plans and travel arrangements, deciding what to bring and trying to pack all your stuff into a small suitcase or backpack, asking for that 4-day to 3-week vacation leave, making sure that your house or apartment doesn’t burn to the ground or get ransacked while you are away, among others), the end result is always exhilarating.

The mere idea of a vacation is enough to make people excited and giddy, and all the more when it’s to a terrific place like Boracay. The island of Boracay, located in the Visayas region, is probably the most beautiful stretch of sand in the planet. It has all the conveniences of city life without the traffic and pollution, and what’s more, you can spend a lot of time (and I mean a lot) just soaking up the sun’s rays, wading in the clear waters, eating your heart out, or drinking til you drop.

But first, let’s be realistic. Where do you stay? Since there are so many Boracay hotels and resorts in the island, it can become confusing, especially for first-time travelers. In order to maximize your time and give you a better idea of the island’s accommodations, here’s an overview of what to look for when it comes to resting your head.

  • Depending on what you want (the utmost in luxurious accommodations or the very basic electric fan room) – the essential thing to look for is cleanliness. While doing your research, whether through the Internet or through word-of-mouth, ask one question: are the hotel/resort’s facilities relatively clean and well-maintained? I’ve experienced staying in a first-rate beachfront hotel AND a native cottage 10 minutes away from the beach, and even though the accommodations are extremely different, I was satisfied in one thing – both places were quite clean, and the bathrooms were not mildewy or smelly.
  • What kind of activities are you planning to do? Are you going to be a lazy bum and just relax under an umbrella all day at the beachfront, or you are planning on doing some water sports or a whole bunch of shopping, or indulge in nightly clubbing and dancing? If you are planning to just relax and be peaceful in your own little paradise, look for a hotel in Station I or even on the north side of the island. These places are a lot more secluded, and there are lots of resorts here too – such as Fairways and Bluewater, and Alta Vista de Boracay. If you are planning to do an extravagant bit of shopping, then it’s better to stay in Station 3 or 2. This is where most of the open-air markets are, including D’Mall, Boracay’s own version of SM. (By the way, SM is the biggest shopping mall in Manila). The hotels in this area are also less expensive than the hotels in Station I. Another bonus? You are closer to the nightlife and do not have to stumble towards the nearest tricycle waiting area, or worse, find no tricycles at all.
  • Ask yourself this: what do you want your accommodations to look like? I personally prefer a more traditional, native style of accommodations, although I know some people who are truly into the modern look. Some hotels have the traditional native materials-look down pat, such as Nirvana Resort, which has old-style bamboo huts, and Waling-Waling Beach Hotel, which has Thai-inspired rooms. Other resorts with more modern accommodations include Discovery Shores Boracay, with its white-terraced buildings and iron railings, and Club Panoly, whose rooms look like a modern hotel in Manila. The design of where you are staying is important because it will really accentuate your feeling of relaxation during your vacation.
  • Before making your reservations, never be afraid to do some research. Don’t just check out the actual website of the hotel, check out the reviews about the hotel you are eyeing. These reviews are particularly helpful, because you can read about other guests’ experiences – good or bad. Needless to say, if a hotel has bad reviews all around, then it’s not a good idea to stay there.
  • If you have children, it might also be wise to check out the hotel’s activities and amenities. Some hotels have game rooms for children and recreational facilities such as basketball and volleyball courts, table tennis, and darts, while other resorts have none of these. If you want your children to be occupied while you laze around on the beach, it might be a good idea to do research on hotel facilities.
  • Check out the hotel’s freebies. For example, some hotels do not offer free Internet access in all rooms. Internet access might be restricted only to certain VIP rooms or the lobby, and if you’re an Internet junkie or just really need to check it for work from time to time, then this is really an inconvenience. Some Boracay hotels also provide beach towels for free, while others do not. Some hotels also offer free buckets of ice, while some do not. Sometimes it’s the little details that really add up to a great vacation.